Logger License - B58 F and G series

Real-time ECU logging

ECUs manufactured in July 2020 and newer are NOT SUPPORTED at this time due to new hardware security.

Use our Logger to log real-time data from your ecu and plot it into graphs (using our MG Cloud online graphing tool) for troubleshooting and optimizing your MG1 ECU. You can select from a wide range of items to monitor including RPM, boost pressure, air-to-fuel ratio and many more. You can select the units with which you would like to record. If that wasn't enough, advanced users and Tuners may access expert mode that allows you to enter specific RAM addresses to log.


Each license is VIN locked to a vehicle.

Flashing License:
Sold separately
Custom Options:
Sold separately
Able to flash custom maps provided by a tuner:
Stage 1 OTS Maps:
Sold separately
Stage 2 OTS Maps:
Sold separately
Logger Access:
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