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MG Flasher is a mobile application developed to provide OBD tuning capability of BMW Fxx/Gxx series equipped with Gen 1 & 2 B46, B48 or B58 engines. MG Flasher has been prepared for Android and iOS users. The tuning process is simple; download the App, connect ENET Wi-Fi adapter or ENET cable and flash any of our offered OTS maps to meet your specific vehicle’s needs! Map flashing time is 15 - 20 seconds!

Visit our main site, MGFlasher.com, for more details!

Featured products

Picture of Flasher License
Unlock your car
Picture of Stage 1
This software is a perfect match for stock vehicles!
Picture of Stage 2
For the spirited drivers!
Picture of OTS Map Bundle
All-in-one package
Picture of Logger License
Real-time ECU logging
Picture of MG Flasher ENET Wi-Fi adapter
MG Flasher ENET Wi-Fi adapter for BMW F & G Series and Toyota Supra (5th Gen)
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