Stage 1 - S58

This software is a perfect match for stock vehicles!

ECUs manufactured in July 2020 and newer are SUPPORTED with a bench unlock provided by Femto. ECU must be sent to their location. Please see our User Manual for more information.

Recent software updates may require Bench OBD Unlock, please see below for detail*

In order to flash any OTS or Custom Maps, a Flashing License is required.

Designed for the drivers who want the most out of their stock component vehicle. This software is intended to safely maximize your vehicle’s potential performance. The power curve has been delicately engineered to eliminate any dips in the overall powerband as well as maximizing delivery of that power throughout the entire RPM range.


- Increased Boost Pressure
- NBT Display HP/TQ gauges calibration
- Torque limiters
- Lambda optimization
- Ignition timing optimization
- Optimized for xHP transmission tuning software

Additional options available with each OTS map
- Exhaust burble adjustable on-the-fly*, set the intensity without reflashing!
- Switchable maps on-the-fly*, select between maps without reflashing!
- Max Cooling on-the-fly*, enable the option without reflashing!
- Speed limiter removal
- Cold start delete (off-road use only)
- Catalytic converter delete (dcat, off-road use only)
- Exhaust flap control

*Switchable maps are currently supported only on F-Series Gen 1 B58 vehicles. All hybrids and Gen 2 “on-the-fly" options are in development, however can be adjusted just before a reflash (15 -20 second when using ENET). Switchable ethanol maps will be temporarily unavailable until next update which will allow you to switch between multiple maps On-The-Fly!


Gen 2 vehicles: Software calibration without the need for any transmission tuning or skewing the torque/load calculation model maps. This allows for accurate calculations, smooth shifting and no software trickery. The factory torque limiter is set to 550 Nm (400 lb-ft) on B58 and 440 Nm (325 lb-ft) on B48 at the crank. We are the first to offer a solution to lift this limit up to 1000 Nm by using our custom code! The limit is adjustable in app.

Gen 1 vehicles equipped with an 8HP50 transmission will have a torque limiter. For the best results and proper smoothing of the torque curve without any transmission related torque intervention we have found that is best to increase the limiter within the transmission software. We present you with two options to implement this on your vehicle:
Option 1: Lifting the limiter in the transmission ECU which can be done for example with xHP Flashtool
Option 2: Bringing the car to a tuner for reprogramming of the transmission ECU limiters


MG Flasher offers products intended only for competition racing/off-road use which may not be road legal in your region. JR Auto Performance Inc. accepts no responsibility for compliance with vehicle’s factory warranty or road legality.

*Recent software updates may require bench OBD unlocking from a tuner/dealer that has the required tools. Our Authorized Dealers are capable of bench unlocks, however you may also use any other tuning shop that is equipped with bench tools to provide such a service. Please note that a bench unlock is subject to an additional cost determined by the third party that provides the service.

Each license is VIN locked to a vehicle.

Flashing License:
Custom Options:
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Able to flash custom maps provided by a tuner:
Stage 1 OTS Maps:
Stage 2 OTS Maps:
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Logger Access:
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